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    Issue in Grid Excel Download




      We are having one case where the field value is getting split into multiple cells after downloading the grid data into excel through grid action toolbar.

      This issue occurred for an existing custom page after the tool upgrade (from PT 855 to PT 857). It was working fine in PT 8.55.

      Has anybody faced this kind of issue?


      Any leads will be appreciated.


      Best Regards,

      Tarun Sharma

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          Rahul Katiyar-Oracle

          Hi Tarun,


          Greetings !! Kindly check this doc and see if this is relevent in your case as well

          E-PIA: Download/Export Grid To Excel Ignores Line Break in Long Text Fields and Creates One Row per Text Paragraph (Doc ID 2343249.1)


          If not, Please let us know the exact tools release with minor patch you are on? (ex 8.57.06). Also let us know if run as PS Query and download the result, does that excel have the same behavior?

          Is issue only specific to particular custom field and specific grid, or issue is replicating on delievred grids as well?


          Please share the screenshots for better understanding.



          Rahul K

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            Hi Rahul,


            Thanks for your response.

            I checked the document reference shared by you and according to the that this issue is already fixed in PT 8.57. I am currently using PT 8.57.14.

            I tried replicating this case on grid control present on delivered page but it worked fine also I created a PS query and downloaded queries results into excel for the same but it worked properly. However when I download the grid results to the excel for my custom page, it's not working.


            Best Regards,

            Tarun Sharma