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    Apps Backup

      Hello Guys,

      We are trying to develop a backup/recovery strategy for Oracle Application.

      My boss is plannig to do an image of the server, (its a single node system), every month. I know how to handle the database. But for the Apps., what do I backup on a daily basis? Or do I need to backup anything?


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          Fadi Hasweh
          for apps tire as long as you did not apply any new patch or you didnot add any new customization you can take a backup weekly or monthly since as far as i know its not going to change.

          fadi hasweh
          Oracle is not Magic, it just takes years of experience
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            On Apps Tier, apart from Concurrent Manager Logs/Output Files, any Interface Files, the data is pretty much read only, you can backup the logs if required.
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              So what you guys are saying is that once I have the image of the system, and no patct or custom changes as been applied, all I need to do is to do a daily backup of the logs/output files. And then in a restore I would need to consider the purging cycle to know how many of the daily logs/output files to restore.

              Did I get it right?
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                Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
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                  So what you guys are saying is that once I have the image of the system, and no patct or custom changes as been applied
                  Considering the nature of Oracle Applications, this is not really a practical case, but if it so you can get away by just backing up your log and out file..

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                    just to throw my 2 cents in there....you talked about an image of the server. That won't help you with the db unless it's closed so you'll still need you database backups. This means image is going to be backing up a lot of data that won't be of any value.

                    I'd skip that piece.
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                      Hello there
                      I'm trying to understand the best scenario possible for a 24x7 EBS.

                      It's obvious that the dbf's can't be backed up hot at file system level, so the database should be running on archive mode and a RMAN backup should take care of it. That's clear.
                      All the dbf's are on the folder data, for example, /u01/oracle/proddata

                      The "issue" I have is with the rest, what other folders can be copied in hot from the file system? prodappl, prodcomn, prodora, proddb? all of them?

                      I have read that at least prodappl and prodcomn are almost read only (besides the logs generated), so, they could be copied without taking down the services, but what about the others? (proddb and prodora) they can also?

                      I'm trying to get to a 24x7 backup strategy, but if it is no possible, it should be offline the least amount of time.

                      Thanks for any input
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                        Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
                        Please refer to Note: 362473.1 (Cloning E-Business Suite Using Hot Backup for Minimal Downtime of Source Environment)

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                          Good afternoon
                          The note refers to cloning, but it does give a grip on minimal downtime.

                          So, the note says that everything except the datafiles can be copied while the services are up. ("Copy all of the required directories, excluding the DB files, from source to Target")

                          So, a 24x7 backup strategy would be having the database covered with RMAN, while the remaining folders (appl, comn, ora y db, and maybe also any archive log) will be copied from the file system, to tape and such.

                          Thanks hsawwan (A final nod would be appreciated)
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                            If your SAN has snapshot backup capabilities, you could put all the datafiles in backup mode, snap (image) the entire filesystem - ORACLE_HOMEs, APPL_TOP, COMMON_TOP, log/output files, archive logs, redo logs, oraInventory, then alter every tablespace ending backup once the snapshot/image is presented to the filesystem. Copy another archive log to that snapshot area, and you would have a consistent copy of production in 3-5 minutes that would could restore or clone from. You could present the snapshot/image to another server if you want to tar.gz or otherwise compress it before throwing it on tape without affecting production performance.

                            You do not have to use RMAN to do this.
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                              That sounds great, but we dont have that kind of hardware, nice to know though
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                                So if the middle tier services are up and running a backup (normal copy) of the APPS tier is valid. There are no constraints here. Is that correct ?

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                                  Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
                                  Some Operating System will not let you take a backup (i.e. copy the files) when it is in used, so you need to shutdown the application tier first. You can take a backup of the application tier on Linux/Unix while it is open, but it is not recommended.

                                  If you do not do any changes on the application tier, then I would suggest you can take a full offline backup, and then take an incremental online backup for the CM log files, and Concurrent Requests log/out files.
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                                    After patching the middle-tier it is good to take a backup of the APPS tier and the database tier as well.

                                    In the case we will work with a 24x7 online environment is this a common practice to stop the APPs tier for a backup ? If patches will be applied 2 times / week that means we will have a lot of downtime. Is this normal ? Also, if the APPS services are down, that means the Oracle Applications cannot be used, so, why don't stop the database as well and take a full cold backup ?

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