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    Help : Download loadjava

      I am in the process of creating my first Java SQL procedure, compiling
      and uploading using loadjava utility. I have a Oracle 10g db but I am
      trying to load the class files from a different client machine. I have
      tried searching for "loadjava" download but unable to find it

      1. Can someone please direct me to where I can download loadjava from.
      2. Also, 10g uses loadjava or do I need to use someother program.
      3. Can loadjava connect to my remote server or it needs a local db

      Thanks in advance,
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          loadjava is a command line utility that you should run from the command prompt either through dos or a unix session.

          Depending on which version of 10g you should already have the loadjava utility. A quick way to test is to log on to the machine where the database is installed and type loadjava -help at a command prompt.

          The oracle documentation "Java Developer's Guide" has a lot more information on this

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            I'm having the same challenge as my colleague up here. From the link: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/java.102/b14187/cheleven.htm#CACFHDJE it indicates that 'The loadjava tool is located in the bin directory under $ORACLE_HOME.' But in this place there is loadjava utility. What might be the problem?

            I'm running Oracle 11g Express Edition on my PC.

            Davis Onsakia
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              The Express Edition of Oracle doesn't support Java.
              It is not a challenge actually. You are challenged to read documentation though!
              Sybrand Bakker
              Senior Oracle DBA
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                And challenged in grasping basic posting etiquette.

                Do Not Resurrect 5 Year Old and Dead Threads.

                Do Not Hijack Another Poster's Thread To Ask Your Question and Raise Your Problem.
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                  Thanks Bill for your response.

                  However, I doesn't think it will add any value to ask a question which has been asked by somebody else about the same issue. It is search that brought this thread up and realized that it had not been answered and decided to post my 'problem'.

                  I have since sorted out the problem.

                  Thanks for those who guide accordingly.

                  Davis Onsakia

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