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    OAI Instance name

      When we try to hit the hub via a URL, instead of getting the IP Server information displayed, we get a 500 Internal Server Error and a javax.servlet.ServletException listed. It also writes a ts_null log in IAS/j2ee/home directory. This log states that the instance name is null, although this is assigned in the adapter.ini and web.ini files. Is there somewhere else that this is assigned that i am missing, or does anyone know what else might be causing this.

      Any help would be great.
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          I'm guessing that you're using an HTTP Adapter and you've deployed the transportServlet?

          Have you tried undeploying and redeploying the TransportServlet? Maybe the deployment went wrong?
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            Sorry about taking so long to get back. The problem was resolved. It was caused by the param-name in the web.xml file not being 'instanceName'. The war file was re-created and it was undeployed and redeployed as you said and now that is working. I have now got a problem with the format of the XML file I am trying to post to it (Start of root element expected) but that is a different issue.

            Thanks for your reply