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    Export/Import of Syntax Highlighting etc.

      Hi there!
      I have a little problem, and I think I've solved it, but just to be sure =)...
      I use JDev, and it had taken a mass of time to configure the syntax highlighting module =).

      Now I want to use JDev, and as I know from further releases, the syntax highlightings are not imported :(...I don't want to do this a second time...

      Search of the name of my stored Color Scheme gave me the following hit

      there's a tag
      <value class="oracle.ide.ceditor.options.SyntaxSchemes">
      where all the color schemes are saved...is that correct? So "migrating" my SyntaxScheme would be to copy the tag from <item> to </item> and paste it to

      the next thing is importing the other downloaded plugins...how can I do this?

      best regards
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          The easiest way to do this is probably to use settings migration. If you start the product with -migrate (or when you start a new version for the first time), it will ask you if you want to migrate settings from a previous release. Say yes, and point the dialog at the system directory of the release you want to migrate from.

          The manual thing you suggested will probably work OK too, at least between and I wouldn't rely on always being able to do this, since the format may change between releases.

          For extensions, I would use Check for Updates first to see if a newer version of those extensions is available for You can copy third party extensions from jdev/extensions of your old install into the new one. Only do this for third party extensions or Oracle extensions that are distributed by check for updates. If you copy extensions that are part of JDeveloper, you will make the product unstable.

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            Uhm, yes I've done this when I have migrated from an older build of JDev to the last build, and believed that this works...Some things were imported, but there were no additional color schemes...So I had to do it a second time...Maybe it works now in the newer version...I'll give it a go, and if it doesnt work...I'll add the color scheme in the xml file =).

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              Syntax Highlighting was successfully imported...
              some things are missing...

              some very useful things like "class member" or "variable highlighting..." are not available in jdev 10132...


              argl I had to check for updates a second time for all my extensions (also the advanced syntax color highlighter)...also all my user librarys, jvms were gone away, I'd to do this a second time...

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