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    EJB3 from JSF backing bean

      Hi all,

      Maybe it's a newbie question, but I would like to find an example showing the way a backing bean can invoke EJB3 Stateless Session Beans methods using EJB3 injection.

      I had tried to find useful information to solve this little issue in JDev and I haven't had success yet...

      Pls, any help will be greatly appreciated.
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          I do want to know the same thing

          i have to connect the session bean with backing bean and want to display the data on a JSF JSP page

          1)entity bean
          2)Seesion Bean
          3)backing bean
          4)JSF JSP(ADF faces components)

          values from entity bean has to be acessed through session bean and Backing bean and want to display it on thre JSF JSP