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    Sharing mail folders


      Does anyone know how to share email folders recursively - like every subfolder of a shared folder to be shared automatically?

      Is there an API for it?

      I would like to share all the mail folders (except for sent items) that a user creates with 4 more users. So any ideas?

      Thank you for any clue.

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          Ok, i found that shared folders are kept in the OID and i tried to share them with DBMS_LDAP.

          The only problem i have is that i don't know what to set. I found that a shared mail folder has an entry under cn=Folder and a orclmailfolderdn(attribute) under cn=Users in the user entry for the user to whom the folder is shared (by the owner user). Oh and in the db (es_folder) it has flag=4.

          Does anyone know of anything else cause with these settings the folder appears shared to the destination (not owner) user but in the owner WAC it appears as not shared and if i try to copy a mail in it it returns an error - could not retrive folder detail or something.

          So...anyone has an idea about this. It's really important.

          Thank you in advance,