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    DataIntegration from RFID Server to WMS?

      Hi All,

      I think Oracle Sensor Edge Server has this feature; wherein it updates the DB tables/Sensor Data Repository [Event based].

      Is there a way, wherein we can do the same programatically, where in we will pass the required data in a specific format, which Oracle expects and it updates the data??

      I want to know, the schema and API provided by Oracle for Sensor Data Repository updation. Where can i find the same..

      Any help would be highly appreciated..

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          Beginning with Oracle E-Business Suite 11i10, Oracle introduced a comprehensive
          online directory of Web services, interfaces, and integration points that act as the
          service broker for Oracle E-Business Suite. This directory functions as a catalog of
          all Oracle E-Business Suite integration points, including Web services, business-tobusiness (B2B) protocols, application programming interfaces (APIs), legacy
          integration technologies, and business events

          More details are available here:



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