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    "Accept/ Decline" Options with Outlook Notifications

      We seem to have some odd behavior with e-mail notifications for meetings. Most of our Outlook users get e-mail notifications with the "accept/decline", etc., options when others create meetings, whether it be from Outlook calendar, or the Oracle calendar web or desktop client calendars. However, there are meeting requests that come from other users that do not have the "accept/decline" options available when the Outlook mail user gets the notification. The message is just in straight text. Is there anyone else out there who's seen this, and do you have a fix for it?
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          A few of our OCFO users have a somewhat similar problem: they receive a calendar item in their inboxes for every invitation, but when an event is rescheduled, they may or may not receive a new calendar item for accept/decline of the new time. If the owner of the meeting has selected to send an email, then the email goes through (plain text) whether the calendar item does or not.

          Has anyone found a solution for this odd behavior?