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    what is Mapping ?

      dear members,
      what exactly is mapping. If we do interfacing (Inbound Interfacing) from a legacy system to oracle system , generally mapping is done with respect to base tables or interface tables.

      so can one explain me what mapping is and exactly what we do in mapping?? I want mapping in PO module in oracle.

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          To my point of view, mapping consists in linking original fields in your legacy system to target field in the Oracle Applications table, so as to know how to import data from your Legacy system to OA.
          You will find how to import data into PO in the user guide "Oracle Manufacturing - APIs and Open Interfaces Manual"(Part No. A95954-01)
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            Mapping is how the data goes from one system to other. Meaning, data in Column 1 of ABC table should be extracted to column 1 of XYZ table.