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    Oracle calendar LDAP integration

      We would like to integrate calendar with LDAP server. Is there any API available for this. If
      yes what are the authorization options available and does the API give access
      to administrative duties?
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          That depends on what you are trying to do. If you are trying to manage users, then you would have to create scripts that call the calendar's command-line tools. If you are trying to manipulate data, then you could use the CSDK through a C or Java program.

          As an example, if you wanted to manage user information (e.g. enable or disable users based on an LDAP attribute), you could write a script that does an ldapsearch on that attribute and then makes the command-line calls to the calendar server (e.g. calls "uniuser" or another tool).

          As another example, if you wanted to write a C program that creates a meeting based on an LDAP attribute, you could use the CSDK. Within that C application, you could load the LDAP libraries and the Calendar libraries, make the calls to LDAP that you need, create the appropriate iCalendar objects, and then load them into the calendar with a CSDK call.

          Hope that helps,