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    Responsibilities Oracle Application

      Hi guys I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the correct section, well, if not, SORRY.

      Anyway, my problem is the following :
      I have created many RESPONSIBILITIES for Oracle Application, associating them to different users, each users doesn't have more than one RESP associated to himself, so that after he logs in the Applet would start in automatic and bring him to the MENU attached to that RESP. The problem is that in many cases, when he logs in, he gets some kind of error message (the one that you get when the page URL doesn't exist), anyway I noticed that if I refresh the page or click on the MAIN MENU button on the top right of the page, I see the RESP name, and if I click on it, the MENU pops up with no problem at all.

      The strange thing is that for different RESPONSABILITIES it doesn't give this problem. After the log in, the applet start and the MENU comes up in automatic.

      I have tried to see if there were any differences with the two RESP, but there isn't. I have no idea on what the problem could be.

      I hope I was clear and that you guys could help me out.

      Thanks Daniele..