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    "I wonder if you are trying to open a second window with the same trigger/procedure. That doesn't work..."

    Yepper, that's what we all were trying to do! We thought shift+double click worked something like a palette Pin.

    Thanks for the Window/Unix settings and... your patience.
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    Are there any other "hidden features" regarding the
    stuff I wrote about? ;)
    I don't know if the following features are hidden, but could be useful to whom doesn't know:

    You can select column of text instead of complete lines. Just press ALT as you click-and drag the mouse over the text you want to select.

    If you drag and drop text while holding CTRL, you will copy the text

    The editor window allow you to split the views horizontally and vertically by dragging the bar on the top of the rigth scroll bar or on the left of the botton scroll bar.This gives you areas that can scroll separately.

    However I hope, is useful to someone

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    We are currently using Forms 6i client server. We would like to go to Forms 10g on the intranet. Would this be the quickest solution to go web-enabled ? What are the other options ?

    Can we use WebSphere to run the 10G forms ? My knowledge in this area is limited as I only develop on Forms 6i client server.


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    the only supported way is using an Oracle Application Server 10g for Oracle Forms 10g.

    here are some links to the Upgrade Center in the OTN and documents for upgrading
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    Ok, but we can only user WebSpehere with Forms 10G.

    What software would i need to deploy Forms10g application with WebSphere?


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    What software would i need to deploy Forms10g application with WebSphere?
    JamesC, your questions are not quite related to the topic title here.

    Rather than posting in this thread, why don't you start a new topic and ask your questions.
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    Good discussion. My employer is committed to replacing Oracle Forms with a J2EE environment and application. The reason: the app is too ugly, it can't do what the business requests and Forms is history soon. My advice of upgrading from web 6i to the latest would definitely help address these issues but it falls on deaf ears. What's a man to do? Any advice on convincing the management and help the business users. :(
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    I know J2EE applications that are ugly too...
    You can make ugly things with every tool.

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    And Forms is not history. We are committed to Forms for the foreseeable future.

    If there truly are things that Forms cannot do for the business perhaps there are things that you can do in Java and then integrate that with the existing Forms application so I'd like to understand what it is that you are trying to do that Forms cannot do.
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    As Grant said, you can make ugly or nice applications with any tool.

    I think it's absurd to migrate an entire application to J2EE just because it might look nicer.

    Quoting Grant:
    Please don't use it just to tick check boxes or because the marketing guys say "use it". See the benefits, expand the opportunities and maximize your business with the best tools available.

    Use J2EE (JDeveloper, ADF, EJB etc..) where Forms and PL/SQL cannot reach to your requirement and Use PL/SQL Forms where J2EE cannot do.
    I'm sure that Forms will still be around for quite some time, and as for your migration, read oracle's Statement of Direction that will give you some ideas.

    Anycase, this is my personal opinion and that's how I work.

    Tony Garabedian
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    No matter how you look at it, Forms and J2EE will always be 2 completely different technologies. We don't really have any option of "migrating" to J2EE, because we have a large codebase in production based on Forms, which our entire business is dependent on, since we run Forms in an ASP environment now.

    And my personal opinion about Forms as a development/deployment environment. Generally speaking, since our systems are very data-intensive, I really like the ease of how fast you can create a data-entry screen with transaction support and all that's needed. Also, the ability to integrate custom Java components is something, that expands the possibilities of Forms greatly. Since my company has purchased our own Java certificate, we can make more or less everything possible with extra Java components. As I said, I have not looked into ADF/J2EE at all yet, so I can't make any good pro/con comparisons, can only say what I like about Forms itself.

    As previously mentioned, my biggest complaint goes towards the IDE itself, Forms Builder. The suggestions for enhancements, which I gave earlier, are meant seriously, and I really hope, that Management will at least consider to give this tool the makeover, that it IMO deserves, in the next version, instead of focusing 100% on the OracleAS component....

    My 2 cents.
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    Interesting link on fact how the forms is integrated with Java now and will be in the future: Interface Look Like a Web Page Using Oracle9i DS
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