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    Oracle Calendar Exchange Connect

      A few months back I was looking at the intergration of Microsoft Exchange with Oracle Calendar. At the that time I found a server product by Oracle which connected the two backend calendar together. This product kept the user's calendar on both systems synched up to-date.

      A few days ago when I went back to the link which I saved.


      This link is no longer valid and I could not find any mention of this product on Oracles site.

      Does anyone know what is the status of this connector product? Did it ever exist? What is the update link to this product?

      I know there is a client side/outlook connector, but I am interested in a server side solution. Thanks in advance!
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          hi kelly,
          actually not sure which doc you are talking about. May I suggest, trying the oracle website search.

          --> http://search.oracle.com/search/search?keyword=oracle+calendar+coexistence&start=1&nodeid=&fid=&showSimilarDoc=true&group=All

          I tried this search string (see link above) and it gave me back lots of articles that may hit your interest.

          If this does not help, please, get in touch with Oracle directly: http://www.oracle.com/corporate/contact/index.html

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            I also couldn't find it on oracle's site but a quick check on the WayBack machine showed a copy http://web.archive.org/web/20060508184036/http://www.oracle.com/pls/wocprod/docs/page/ocom/technology/products/ocal/oracle_calendar_coexistence_wp.pdf
            Hope that helps.