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    Strange caching error in exporting a report to csv (AppEx v2.0)

      We have just upgraded to v2.0. I am experiencing a problem exporting a report to a csv file. I don't recall this problem in v1.6.

      What happens is that what gets exported is not the report that is on the screen.

      I have a report that employs a simple on-screen filter to vary the content of the report. So, for example, to begin with I select Company A. The report for Company A is displayed correctly, but when I click the Export button the csv file contains just the message "no data found". So I close the csv file and select Company B in the report filter. The report for Company B is displayed correctly. When I click the Export button the csv file shows the report for Company A. And so on...

      I'm guessing that this is some kind of obscure caching problem. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?