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    JMS sample code not working


      I am new to JMS and am trying to learn the technology. When I tried to run the JMS sample codes available at http://www.oracle.com/technology/sample_code/tech/java/jms/index.html, I got the following error:

      [java] javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Cannot instantiate class: co
      m.evermind.server.rmi.RMIInitialContextFactory [Root exception is java.lang.Clas
      sNotFoundException: com.evermind.server.rmi.RMIInitialContextFactory]

      Please help me solve the problem. I find that, the downloaded code does not contain the class mentioned in the error message. Also, I do not see how the code is interacting with the OC4J server. It would be great if anyone could clarify.