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    migrationi ofcustomized main pages in 9i (portal 3.0.9) to 10g portal 9.0.4

    Asif M. Naqvi
      i have a few questions about migration/ transformation / upgradation of portals from 9i AS portal 3.09 to portal 9.0.4.
      1. how do the customized main pages in 9i (portal 3.0.9) translate/ transform to the 10g portal 9.0.4 ?
      2. how do their respective URLs change after upgrade?
      3. can we make a page of the level of 'Top Level Pages' in 9i rel 2? That should be the user-defined main page as compared to the default main page (like Top level Pags). Can we make any such category of pages.
      any helpful hints will be welcome. <br>
      kind regards, <br>