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    Forms personalisation - Vendor Form - How to Disable a Tab Page


      I am not a Forms 6i/9i programmer, although I have an appreciation of the concepts and can look at forms in Form builder. I have been looking at forms personalisation and have used it to execute plsql via the built in 'execute a procedure'. I can also see how to disable blocks, or items, but I haven;t managed to disable a form tab page i.e. On the vendor form there are tabs for GENERAL, CLASSIFICATION etc.

      I have tried using the object type Tab Page, but the poplist doesn;t list any tab pages. Also if you choose Canvas, the list of Canvases appears but generates errors when you try and use the form (complaining of tab page ids).

      I understand that to disable a tab page programatically, you would use SET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY i.e. in a forms trigger or in CUSTOM.pll

      I would have thought Forms personalisation could do this.

      Any ideas would be appreciated


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