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    back to portal link broken

      I have a problem with my back to portal link from workspaces. It is putting the address stored in OID under context cn=ReturnToPortalURL,labeleduri
      and adding the page url to it example---- http://srvorc3.harvestland.com:7778/pls/portalsrvorc3.harvestland.com:7778/portal/page/portal/AgQuest/AGQUEST_DEFAULT1/Tab:Tab,Tab:Tab1

      http://srvorc3.harvestland.com:7778/pls/portal comes from oid I understand that

      I don't understand where this is coming from or how to solve it

      independendly both links work. Why is it concatenating them and what is telling it to do it? all other back to portal links work on the system
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          in case someone else has the same problem----
          F.Y.I Created a tar the resolution was to hard code the link in ORACLE_HOME/j2ee/oc4j_ocsclient/applications/workspaces/workspaces/cwhome.uit and workspacehome.uit.

          Never got an explanation as to why it doubled up the link in the first place.