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    Extracting the DDL for scheduler jobs

      Hi All

      I am trying to extract the DDL for our scheduler jobs but keep coming up against a brick wall. I've tried doing an expdp/impdp using the SQLFILE option but can't find the jobs here, tried a natty bit of code to pull the info out of the DB using DBMS_METADATA which worked for ordinary DBA_JOBS but not for scheduler based jobs.

      Any ideas how I can get hold of this info?


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          This is perhaps not the prettiest way either, but what I have done is to click on the "Create Like" button for the job in EM. Enter a new job name and then click on the "Show SQL" button. That gives you all of the code. I then cut and paste into text file and change all references to the new job name back to existing.
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            The only other way I can think of is to use an internal routine which does this.

            First select the object_id of the job by selecting from obj$ (where name='JOB_NAME') then use a procedure like

            create or replace procedure export_job(oid number) as
            tmpbuf varchar2(4000) := 'NULL';
            dummy varchar2(10);
            while tmpbuf is not null loop
            tmpbuf := dbms_sched_job_export.create_exp(oid, '', dummy);
            end loop;

            and do
            exec export_job(12345)

            where 12345 is the obj# selected from obj$

            The only disadvantage of this is that job argument values will not be included in the output.

            Hope this helps,
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              Thanks for your input ... I actually ended up managin to get the SQLFILE to contain user owned scheduler jobs, but SYS must be obfuscated in some way as I couldnt find them anywhere. I then had to use the 'Create Like' from OEM to get some other info for additional jobs.

              Sheesh, you'd think it would be a bit easier than that!


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                Reason for that is pretty simple. User-level objects in SYS (like tables, stored procedures, jobs etc) are simply not exported since SYS is intended only for system objects.

                I agree that there should be a simpler way to do this though. It's probably a bug that dbms_metadata doesn't work on Scheduler jobs.

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                  Last post on this is from 2007. I'm wondering if there have been any improvements since then, eg. in 11g. I'm still looking for documentation about dbms_sched_job_export.create_exp because I must be doing something wrong with it. I'm trying to call it for a known scheduler job in my system with an object ID of 315289, using this code (based on the code given earlier in this thread):
                  v_dummy varchar2(10);
                  v_buff varchar2(4000);
                  v_buff :=  dbms_sched_job_export.create_exp(315289, '', v_dummy);
                  I get nothing back. No clue what I'm doing wrong...
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                    You can get the DDL for a job like this:

                    select dbms_metadata.get_ddl('PROCOBJ', 'JOB_NAME', 'OWNER_NAME') from dual;

                    You can use this go gather the DDL for a number of the DBMS_SCHEDULER objects, including PROGRAMS and CHAINs [will include the CHAIN and the STEPS, butnot the RULES - these you must get from a *_scheduler_chain_rules VIEW]