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    Connector Outlook Calendar Form

      Is it possible to modify the calendar form? We are wanting to add a couple of options to automate a resource schedule, and I want to avoid building a new form and risk that not being compatible in future releases of the connector. When I attempt to go to the design view of the connector form, it requests a password.

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          We do not support custom forms in the Connector for Outlook, and we especially do not support changes to the Oracle Calendar Appointment Form.

          Depending on what tasks you are trying to automate, other alternatives might be open to you. However, using custom forms is not currently supported.


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            Hi you might be able to help me as I have a problem with the calendar form. Whenever Outlook is opened and Calendar is used the form needs reinstallation.
            I´we tried Reinstall office 2003 upgrade to connector vers.
            I´we cleared form cashe, deleted FRMCACHE.DAT replaced ocfocal.oft
            But nothing works. Do you have any hint why the form is unusable everytime Outlook is restarted?