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    Which version of subversion can i use ?


      I have JDeveloper
      with SVN 1.4.3

      I can't commit anything.

      Problem : "svn : malformed network data"

      I have seen on svnkit website that the lastest version of SVN is not supported yet.
      The last SVN version supported by SVNkit is 1.4.2 but i don't know if my version of JDevelopper uses the last JavaSVN (svnkit) library.

      So, what is the highest version i can use with JDeveloper ?

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          John Stegeman

          The plug-in that comes with JDeveloper specifically supports Subversion 1.3.2. Having said that, I have installed Subversion software version 1.4.3 on my windows laptop, and added the JavaHL library as well. Then, in JDeveloper, I selected "use native client." The overlay icons, version numbers, etc, are working fine.

          Having said that, I've posted here before about using Subversion, and I personally do not check out/commit/etc from within JDeveloper - I use the command line, so I cannot comment on using the full features of the plug-in - I just use it to see a "general" status of my files in JDeveloper. So, the short answer: 1.3.2.

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            I am using JDeveloper with Versioning Support for Subversion and Subversion server 1.4.5. and everything seems to work fine