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    Error from flush in different servers

      I have DB on SQLBase and my error is 21701, which say the next message:

      "User attempt to flush object to different servers..."
      But not is the question the change of data from 1 server to other?
      Server1 = SQLBase, and has the original data
      Server2 = Oracle, I want that this Server contain the information to drop from Server1

      I have an application which realy been the job, (it´s on Centura by GUPTA), and the process to migrate is:

      1.-Create a connection to ORCL and other to SQLBase
      2.-To obtain the infomation, to fill a table and see the records
      3.-create individual statements from insert with the specific functions from CENTURA, there is: SQLPrepare() and SQLExecute(), with the data from the table of step 2.
      4.-If SQLPrepare() running it´s OK, then continues with SQLExecute() and finish the process, but is here where appear the Error-Message.

      I have records with 3 keys, CV_PAIS, CV_ESTAD_CV_CIUDAD, and only insert some records of total number of this with the same CV_PAIS=1 and CV_ESTADO=12, the CV_CIUDAD is different, and the code shows me 21701.

      So, I want to know like I solve it?

      Thanks for your help