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    SyncML logs


      I installed the syncML on my PDA(qtek 9100), i configured the program, but i have an error when i try to synchronize with OCS. It's necessary to install the Oracle Push Mail?, Where can i find the logs of the error? is it on the PDA or in the OCS server?

      Thanks in advance,

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          i had a look on my machine but i didn´t find any logs relating to the sync procedure.

          Maybe it helps if you get my current settings for SyncML. They are working stable with my Palm Treo 680 and the Synthesis SyncML-Client:

          Server URL: http://<Your Portal Host>/ocst-bin/ocas.fcgi
          User: Your SSO-username
          Password: Your mobile password (Has to be set up separately! Have a look at the docs!)

          Server Path for Contacts: ./contacts
          Server Path for Events: ./Calendar/Events
          Server Path for Tasks: ./Calendar/Tasks

          Hope this helps.

          Regards, Jens
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            This configuration settings are ok in my PDA, but don't connect. I test the internet connections between PDA and the OCS machine and it's fine. Where can i find more data about the SyncML connections? Where is the syncML config file into the PDA?

            Thanks in advance.