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      I have a form that supports the following:
      a) Displays an image for an item (if it exists) from a webserver location in a Bean Area defined in the form
      b) If the image does not exist, the form provides the ability to load the image from my client PC to the web server.

      Both (a) and (b) work well as defined. The issue I am facing is this: If the image does not exist and I go ahead and upload the image to the webserver, I am unable to see the image back on the form even after I refresh the bean area by invoking the set_custom_property built-in. It seems like the form has it cached and does not refresh the image from the file I have just uploaded successfully. If I go to a browser and bring up the javabean (outside of forms), it shows the image correctly. Even if I exit the form, go back in and re-query the item, I still cannot see the new image. The only option is to exit Oracle Applications altogether and re-login, then the image shows up just fine. Not sure if this is a Forms issue, JInitiator issue or something else? I am using Jinitiator