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    Receiving Correction error

      When trying to receive a transaction from Inventory responsibility, got the following errors ....
      RVTTH-135: Subroutine rvsco_correct_supply() retuned error.
      RVSCO-290: Subroutine rvscof_correct_rcv() returned error.
      RVSCO-105: Subroutine rvscof_correct_po_receipt() returned error.

      Searched in metalink, didn't find any solution.
      Please help!

        • 1. Re: Receiving Correction error
          Per Bug 3680527 the cause of this issue can be that there exists a record in the MTL_SUPPLY table having supply source of 'Receiving' with a quantity of '0', while the same record does not have an entry in the RCV_SUPPLY table.

          Run the query below to identify if this might be the cause for the involved PO:

          select supply_type_code, quantity, supply_source_id
          from mtl_supply
          where po_line_location_id in (select po_line_location_id
          from po_headers_all
          where segment1 = '&po_nr');

          To implement the solution, please execute the following steps:

          1. Log a Service Request to receive a data fix for this issue.

          @ delete from mtl_supply
          @ where supply_type_code = 'RECEIVING'
          @ and supply_source_id = &supply_source_id
          @ and po_distribution_id = &po_distribution_id;

          Bug 3680527 - Data Fix : Unable To Return A Po Receipt - Rvtth-115, Rvsco-290, Rvsco-105
          • 2. Re: Receiving Correction error
            I'm having a similar error; when trying to correct a receiving transaction the following error appears:
            RVTTH-135: Subroutine rvsco_correct_supply() retuned error.
            RVSCO-300: Subroutine rvscom_correct_tfr() returned error.
            RVSCO-235: Subroutine rvscoj_correct_po_tfr() returned error.
            Did you find any solution for this issue??
            Regards, Natalia.