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    APEX 3.1 Enhancements

      Now that APEX 3.0 is out, it's time to collect some enhancements for the next release.

      In the APEX 3.0 Feedback Application a lot of users already posted enhancements for the next release and I'm sure some of them are considered by Oracle.

      Because the Feedback Application isn't available anymore, I thought one single thread would be good for us and Oracle to keep track of some useful enhancements for the upcoming release.

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        • 1. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
          And here comes my first enhancement:

          The APEX Builder IDE should also use the FSP_LANGUAGE_PREFERENCE item to derive the language for the APEX Builder IDE. The user object would need some "default language" field.

          Business need:
          As a developer I normally tend to use an English interface for a programming environment, but to be able to do that I have to change the primary language of my browser to English, which is suboptimal.

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            I just wanted to let everyone know that all the enhancements that were suggested during the 3.0 eval have been logged internally as formal enhancement requests. We also still have many suggestions from the 2.2 eval that we just didn't get too because of our aggressive 3.0 cycle. Feel free to post here - one thread is much easier to track. Just wanted to let you know that all your previous ones have been noted.

            -- Sharon
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              The "Include in export" defaulting would need some improvement.

              If you go the first time onto the "Printing Attributes" of a report, all columns are checked for "Include in export". That includes the row-selector and columns with "Show in Report"=No.

              I think it would make more sens to just check columns which have "Show in Report"=Yes and are not row-selectors.

              When I uncheck that columns and submit my changes the "Column Width (%)" is also calculated for the unchecked columns. I think the automatic width calculation should just consider the checked "Include in export" columns.

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                Dietmar Aust
                I have two more on my wishlist:

                1) Adding our own themes to the gallery of themes.

                2) Adding our own custom item types. The FCKEDITOR has been integrated into 3.0, which is a good thing. But I would like to add more custom ones. Many people would like to build and share "widgets" to include as plugins into an application, if the framework allowed this.
                Then we would perhaps some more metadata we could store / retrieve for these custom items, which would be included in the normal export / import procedure.

                I haven't followed the discussions lately. So please ignore this if it has been raised already.

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                  I have a ton of enhancement requests that I tried to collate in one thread that Mike Hichwa participated in during the 3.0 alpha/beta days. Looks like very few of them made in in 3.0

                  Here they are

                  Re: Enhancement request: Bulk edit features
                  • 6. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                    I'd really like to see a more well-defined item/region hierarchy.

                    What I mean by this is that I would like each item or region (etc.) to be modular in use.

                    The sourse of this idea is based upon the fact that each item or region is simply a block of HTML code. This bock of code could be made more modular, allowing for better page structure.

                    For example, you could create a region, put 2 regions and some items inside it, and put some items inside those sub-regions.

                    Instead of a page's content being defined as 'which regions are on the page and where are they located', it would be defined as a list of regions and/or items, etc.

                    Also, as each item/button/text (display only) is a block of HTML code they should all be dealt with equally.

                    Currently, there exists a distinction between these types of items, in both how they are created and how they are placed in a region. I'd like to see this removed.

                    In short, I would like to see each item, button, text block (display only), region, report, chart, image etc. all be treated as an 'object' - a block of HTML code.

                    This would enable a single graphical interface (like a slightly more advanced version of the item drag and drop editor) to modify a page by placing items and regions (containers), and also providing a code-based, text-based method of editing the page.
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                      I would like the ability to update a "Report Layout" with an updated RTF template without having to delete it and recreate it.

                      A Report Layout lets you download the RTF template associated with it but does not allow a tweaked version to be uploaded again.
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                        My wishlist:

                        - Better tabular form support (please take a look to some of the Patrick Wolf Apexlib features).

                        - Support to mobile pages (simple pages with minimal or even none javascript).

                        • 9. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                          0. Multiple Tabular SQL Updatable Report regions per page, out of the box. Probably a pain to implement, but this would be really cool.

                          1. Cascading LOVs for tabular form regions out of the box.

                          Suppose I had 2 columns: col1(depts) and col2(emps).

                          In the first column I would have a drop-down list of departments, in column 2 like a drop-down list of emps for that department.

                          This type of features is easy with normal forms but does not come out of the box with tabulars.

                          2. More & prettier themes.

                          3. Report Template: Value/Attribute pairs. Please make it so reports of this template can be exported as CSVs.

                          4. SQL Workshop: Make it so we can create groupings within object types. From within a particular schema, I would like to group certain tables together.
                          • 10. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                            Andy Tael-Oracle
                            I'd like to see that one could use JDeveloper (probably more a plug-in) as the front-end tool for:

                            - designing the pages in APEX.
                            - mapping out the relationships between the pages

                            • 11. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                              In the spirit of the popular "Taking Up Collections" Matrix demo..

                              How about a form based on a collection? The collection's format could be based off a PL/SQL data type, and worked with like a Tabular form.

                              It would live in session until it is either purged or stuffed into an appropriate database table.

                              • 12. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                Although not directly part of the APEX distribution that we use: As a starting user I would like to see this Foum split into more than one forum (for example: installation, webservers, PL/SQL etc.). I DO see this forum as part of the APEX product offering hence my request.

                                • 13. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                  I would like to see a more usable report writer built into the product. I know right now we can generate nice screen displays, but when users want to PRINT a report we have to go out to BI Publisher, Oracle Reports or whatever...

                                  A report writer that will deal with page headings, pagination to the printer and all that nice jazz.

                                  Isn't there something like this called jasper? I know it is java based, and APEX doesn't really do java, but it is part the open source market and could be used, right??

                                  Thank you,

                                  Tony Miller
                                  • 14. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                    It would be nice to be able to copy / paste flash charts
                                    similar to way you can currently copy / paste svg charts.
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