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    **  Please confirm 10g SDK availability!!  **

      I'd like Oracle confirmation of the following (Jean-Marc, Jguguy ... someone):
      1. There are at present **NO** available downloads of the SDK for the Windows/Solaris/Linux platforms as there are for version 904x.
      2. The MacOS version is found on the Supplemental OCS 10gR1 10.1.2 disks (from OTN's Downloads section) which requires downloading the entire Supplemental OCS .bin files and recombining, etc.
      2. Oracle expects that if one wants access to the Windows/Solaris/Linux version of the SDK libraries/java files, one will download the 4Gig+ OCS Server installer DVD contents (or get the DVD), then do a standalone calendar install and select the SDK as the only component to install, and then simply go figure out where the requisite files are put by the installer without reference to any documentation about such.
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          The new CSDK is part of the Collaboration Suite general install and is now an install option when running the OUI. As a result, it is no longer available in the client CD (as it was in the past) and is not bundled seperately. The demos, however, remain on the client CD.

          Your concern is noted and shared by many others. As a result, we are in the process of streamlining the access to our development tools and hope to make it easier for users in the near future.


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            So let me see if I'm tracking this right.

            It's August now and you still don't have this SDK available.
            On top of that you still haven't released OCS for Mac OS X. So I get to setup a new envronment! Sweet, thanks.

            And when I get that all done, if I wanted develop against the calendar, I need to download the terrabyte of files you provide, stich them all back together, unzip, untar, run a universal installer that will likely force me to install XWindows on my Linux Dev box, (because why not? you've already wasted enough of my time) uncheck everything except the original 3meg SDK.

            You are really knocking over those barriers to adoption. This is the sort of commitment to quality I wish I could get from all my vendors. Thanks for making our jobs easy. Really, you guys deserve gold stars!
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              sorry, it's september. I've been waiting for the downloads to complete for a long time, I lost track of the days.
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                No, Joke. this is crazy. I had opened an SR on this before I found this post in the forums.
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                  I'm in the same boat. I need access to just the jar files to allow me to use the Java API for interacting with the calendar. This seems like such a simple thing to provide. The only way I've found to get a hold of those jars at this point however is to download the entire collaboration suite which is enormous.

                  I would really like to see better support for developers on this one Oracle. Please make those jars available. Thanks.