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    Discoverer Report - Multiple instance migration


      We are using Discoverer 4i reports. We are using 5 Test instances. Say

      We are doing development in DEV instance and we want to migrate the same report to DEV1 instance. We needs to recreate the same report in DEV1 Instance. It is time taking and double efforts need.

      We have tried below ways, but we have failed in some cases
      1. Taking *.dis file and save in different database
      2. Taking the export of BA and import in another instances.

      Is there any software available in the market to migrate discoverer report between instances. ( Ex like Kintana for Ebusiness suite migration).

      It will be helpful for me, if you have any ideas/comments/suggestion to overthis instance report migration problem.

      Thanks in advance.
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          Lance Botha
          Hi Navas,

          You shouldn’t need another tool, because if done correctly you can get the report working in other environments by successfully migrating all the folders and EUL elements used by the report over to another instance.

          Ensure you export and import the Business Areas files (EEX extension) into the correct EUL and environment. Sometimes it is worth importing the BA’s twice into the target environment over the first import attempt. This is because items could be missed from the first import attempt and trying again will ensure the required items are there before the missing items can be created.

          Otherwise would you like to share with us the error messages are you receiving?

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            Hi Navas,
            For Exporting I Would advice you to use the command prompt keywords for export where you can pass on the paramters and export entire BA and all the workbooks along with it.
            Here just take care that while passing the user name in the command pass the username of the owner who created the workbooks or superuser

            For Eg:
            dis4adm /connect username:/password@instance /apps_responsibility "System Administrator" /export c:\test.eex /all /log c:\export.log

            For more details on commands refer to the Oracle Discoverer Administration Edition

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              Russ Proudman
              Hey Navas.

              This seems to be something many companies wrestle with. A recent client I was at had a similar situation but absolutely, didn't want any exports / imports of the BA and all had to be manually coded in each.

              Reason for this was that you had to write up detailed explanations on what you did so it could be manually copied into PROD by the DBAs and therefore, no export / import (with the exception of you didn't recreate the file system saved report obviously).

              Also, I can attest (and have commented on this before), Disco 4 has seemed 'challenged' to me in the past and an export / import from one v4 EUL to another v4 EUL sometimes doesn't work exactly the same (ie: a file system saved workbook in one EUL doesn't work in a newly exported / imported BA in the other EUL. With different EULs it appears that when people make changes to each, and delete their changes, it can cause problems (ie: ids being renamed to _1, etc.) which just makes life difficult.

              This is why for non-PROD instances, more times than not you just refresh the entire EUL to either your PROD instance (and apply changes you're working on again) or harmonize all test instances.

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                Discoverer 10g has finer grain import/export features implemented including selected Business Areas, Folders, Items classes, Item Hierarchies, functions, summaries, workbooks and more.

                You can see in the Discoverer 10g Administrator Guide here:


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                  As per The above conversations for moving the  discoverer files from one instance to another instance we have only one option is there in 4i

                  That is

                  we need to create the same custom folder as it is  in the 2st  instance as per the naming conventions u done in the first instance(where u are created at first).

                  after that go to desktop edition for the 1 st instance and select the report and save as in the mycomputer with some name and go to the 2 nd instance  desk top edition we need to

                  open the file and save as in database in is a good thing to do the discoverer we will consume some time in thje elapsed time

                  its may be use full  i think