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    Performance issues?  Vmware overhead?

      This is my first post. I apologise if it's already been discussed.

      We are looking at ESX 3.0 as a high-availability fault-tolerance option, using vmotion to swing an Oracle VM off of an ailing hardware node.

      I have a meeting today to discuss options. My question:

      Suppose we are running a single VM Oracle server on an ESX 3.0 server node. Is there a significant performace degradation to be expected if we compare that setup to running directly under RedHat (no Vmware) . What is the virtualization overhead? I'm trying to get feedback from people running Oracle under Vmware. I'll read now.
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          Hi there,

          Did you get any feedback on you query?

          We are in a similar boat with initial investigation.

          Brisbane, Australia
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            Have you had any luck in getting any where? We are getting ready to do a proof of concept. The only thing holding us back is to see if someone else has done this. No one here wants to be the first. I know someone has to be running this in production.


            Ed Rothenbaum
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              It depend how big and how many user will be use this Instance, but i would not do that.

              With 10g Oracle Standard Edition you have RAC included, Legato or ServiceGuard is too ok.
              I do not think that VMWare is good as clusterware.

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                There will always be a virtualization overhead. The problem comes when comparing raw performance to actual usage. VMware will not match the raw power of a non virtualized server. But this comparison is only valid if you are talking a 100% utilized physical server to a 100% utilized VM. Most servers are not fully utilized. If you have an oracle server that is 50% utilized and you move it to a VM that is now 70% utilized, you haven't lost any performance.
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                  Hi, All,

                  I need your VM experience on Oracle.

                  I have VM and installed Linux 4 AS, for Oracle 10gR3 Grid control, but now I suffered a lot, as sometimes the database is down, sometimes listener is down, sometimes agent, sometime the other processes gone.... almost happened every day. This time is better, as the system I had before crashed twice and all data gone, it hurts.....

                  Mem usage hits 100% or 0% idle is very common on this box, I do not want to to say I hate VM but it did give me too much pain.

                  Anyone has advise to keep VM in healthier status, like how to configure the VM parameters for Oracle.

                  Thanks a lot.