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    compile all forms 6i in Unix

      i am able to compile one form at a time but how do I compile all forms, for some reason I created a new form, ftp it, then compiled it , it runs in Oracle Apps environment however all other forms are inactive, I believe I have to recompile all forms (am i right?) but I dont know how to do this , here is the code I have to compile one form

      $ ls -l /u01/app/appl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmb
      $cp /u01/app/appl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmb /u01/app/appl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmb_070415

      $ ls -l /u01/app/appl/xxbsi/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmx
      $ cp /u01/app/appl/xxbsi/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmx /u01/app/appl/xxbsi/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmx_070415

      $ put the form source onto this host in the following directory

      $ cd /u01/app/appl/au/11.5.0/forms/US

      $ $ORACLE_HOME/bin/f60gen module=/u01/app/appl/au/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmb userid=apps/dbaapps output_file=/u01/app/appl/xxbsi/11.5.0/forms/US/BGQTRAIN.fmx module_type=form batch=yes compile_all=special
      $ more BGQTRAIN.err
      <no errors found>