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      • 60. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements --> TEMPLATE DESIGNER

        under my opinion as well the plug-in way (using jdeveloper or sql developer), would be a winning solution, for adding several additional features to apex leaving the web interface quite light.

        An approach would be that i produce with plugin can be uploaded / charged in apex.

        Under my opinion a plugin for apex gui templating would be what is missing and what sometimes let people choose others web development language tools over apex (php, asp).

        For data manipulation i find apex great and straightforward but othere web pl language like php + template engine gives you a lot of flexibility regarding GUI design.

        • 61. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements---> multi row updatable report

          regarding updatable reports i find always problem when changing the data source, adding rows at the table.
          Would be cool to have an option like <bold>Refresh process from data source</bold>.

          • 62. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
            Other enhancement:

            1 - Some ajax based components would be not bad.
            For example let's take pop up lov: would be cool to have an ajax based autocomplete text control without having to use javascript and ajax. --> people who use apex have generally a limited knowledge of this technology and is more focused on database design i think.

            2 - A built-in way to have pop up based on a page: now is possible but you have to use javascript, and manage variables not in the apex way.

            Generally: A lot of usefull stuff (tricky stuff ) that people can find inside this forum or on apex-studio or everywhere that use javascript + ajax, should be re-enginered carefully and implemented built in on apex. I know is a lot of stuff, however think that with some enhancements apex can be a lot less tricky the now (regard as building more interactive and userfriendly GUI).

            • 63. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
              Hi Damir,
              I'd like to have feature that can change background color of development part [...]
              have a look at the enhanced APEX Builder Plugin, it now allows to display a background image or change the color if you are on a production system.

              See http://inside-apex.blogspot.com/2007/05/pimp-your-oracle-apex-builder.html for details.

              My APEX Blog: http://inside-apex.blogspot.com
              The ApexLib Framework: http://apexlib.sourceforge.net
              The APEX Builder Plugin: http://sourceforge.net/projects/apexplugin/
              • 64. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                Hi all,

                by the way another cool feature would be an export feature
                where i can choose or not to include the user package / procedure / function been called inside the particular apex application: this will speed up the process of having
                a working application, without having to export particular user workspace code,
                needed to run the application without problem.

                • 65. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                  Rene W.
                  Custom authorization for APEX itself. This way one can use the organizations LDAP data to allow developers access to the APEX development environment.
                  • 66. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                    Hi Kostya

                    Is it possible to get your email addr. i want to come in contact with developers in your country ask for possibilities for working for us,

                    my email is jon.trostheim@gmail.com (Norway)
                    • 67. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements

                      My email is kvp@cit-ltd.com.ua

                      Best Regards, Kostya
                      • 68. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                        Rene W.
                        A great enhancement for 3.1: A list of Norwegian APEX developers including email contact ;)

                        good luck, Rene
                        • 69. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                          David Pulliam
                          This is just a thought but what about a time limited date picker? Maybe where you use a dataset from SQL to define a valid selectable range for the date picker (ie. Between 12AM March 3, 2007 and May 5, 2007).
                          • 70. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                            Phil UK

                            You can see how good or poor ApEx coverage is for your country here. It doesn't seem to have been updated in a while...
                            • 71. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                              Scott H.
                              Here's an enhancement I'd like: pl/sql validation on all blocks. (Application processes, validations,etc.) I've lost a lot of time, putting code in there, then running it, and then trying to debug it.
                              • 72. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                Scott H.
                                1 more: Sorting can still work if you put a semi-colon at the end of your query. This just drove me crazy for 30 min.
                                • 73. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                  I agree also,
                                  I need a feature to allow emailing all flash charts on a page.
                                  • 74. Re: APEX 3.1 Enhancements
                                    It would be nice to be able to restrict availability of an application to User Groups as well as just to Users

                                    [SOLVED] Restrict availability to a User Group
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