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    Query-only mode problem

      Hello evrybody, I'm a new user on this forum and in this thread I wanted to inform you about my problem and its solution.
      Problem: everytime I created a form with 10g version on DB 9i, at the moment of "Run Form", I always run in this message "FRM-40208: Form running in query-only mode. Cannot change database fields.". Obviosly I couldn't nor add a record nor edit it.
      After some days spent searching for a solution, on this forum I read a post by an user talking about a very similar prob but not properly the same. Anyway, I decided to write an email to RV, an italian user who was very helpful in that situation.
      In less than an hour, he wrote me back: "Check preference in menu forms builder, you'll find a tab, if checked it gives query only mode". He also write me to post the problem and his solution on the forum.
      This morning he wrote me several mails telling me in a rude manner that I didn't posted the problem and not to write to him anymore.
      So, I'd like to tell to Rosario: dear Rosario, I thank you for your solution, and I hope that in the future you will be so kind to give users also the time to write down thei problem and solutions, as I am doing now.
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          Rosario Vigilante
          I would mean only you, even if it is not worth of it, the time to write an email you have found, while the time to share the information,as I had told you, with the other forum's users, you didn't have him.
          And then,i tell again you not to write me more, and rather I add, for the first time, reformed of you to have answered.

          Thanks for the lesson
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            This forum is staffed with volunteers who offer their time to help others. They do not receive payment for their services, and many have busy jobs. We are all thankful to people like RV who take time to help others.

            Most of those who help others on this forum do not have the time to respond to personal emails soliciting help. That is why we have the forum--so information can be shared with others. This forum is not the place to express your displeasure about a personal email.
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              Rosario Vigilante
              Thanks Mark for your words and your post.

              I appreciated very very much.

              Anyway, Please don't spend words for this thread.
              It is not deserving of any comment. As I said: I have learned the lesson!
              And never I will ever answer to any application through Email, as I have done in past.

              I don't believe it need one day for sharing information to other forum's user.

              Thanks again, and I think people as you do yes that we don't leave this collectivity.

              Thank you very much, Mark.