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    Migration from Oracle 9i to 10g Database

      Dear Friends
      My database is running in the below version
      Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
      PL/SQL Release - Production
      CORE Production
      TNS for Linux: Version - Production
      NLSRTL Version - Production

      Now i want to migrate this to Oracle 10g to have better performance.
      What all steps i should follow. Because my database size is almost 12GB.
      If i do the cold backup and use that will it work, or i have to do the Export/Import.
      For EXP/IMP it will take atleast 8 hrs. But my system is 24x7. I cant stop my system for such a long time, I may spear 1 hour only....

      Can anyone please give me the solution for this....


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          hi sir
          i want the stpes how to Migration from Oracle 9i to 10g Database
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            Hi !!

            The best option is to read the Metalink document Note:316889.1 Complete checklist for manual upgrades to 10gR2. It has given all the pre requisites for the upgrades and the steps to be performed after the upgrade.
            You will need to take a cold back up and the down time need to be increased to 2 hours to 2.5 hours at least as you might need to take lots of steps involving the tracking down of the invalid objects after catpatch or utlrp scripts. You will also need to comment the deprecated parameters in the database 10g which were there till 9i. You need to create the sysaux tablespace as well which is newly introduced in 10g.

            You will need to take the database down at least for this period to take the cold backup before the upgrade and after that you may run the db in normal mode. Some of the steps involve you to startup upgrade and startup migrate. Thus, keep a cushion of time for yourself.

            Hope it helps.