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        hi all,

        I had an appointment with the CEO of a database management company last friday. this company provides consultancy specifically on oracle database in Malaysia. he was the founder of the company (since 1996), started his oracle career since oracle 5.
        I was crazy enough to personally call him at his office to set an appointment for his expert advice, and to my astonishment he agreed :)

        During the 2 hours discussion, he highlighted the difficulty for a junior to step into this dba career. he also agreed that vacancy for jr dba is almost zero. Getting myself certified is a must, to support lack of knowledge and exp. OCP means something in Malaysia and will help to get resume to be noticed by employees (doesn't confirm a job though..)

        Concurrently or after that, I need to work in a company that uses a lot of oracle (db). This will depend on a lot of things; opportunity, knowledge, exp, soft skills and luck. Or join a consulting company (thinkin of his company rite now) for an accelerated learning curve, of course as a rookie. If I managed to do so, be on fire and consume everything.

        It's not an easy route I must say, even to be a jr. Oracle gurus out there, any advice?
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          Do you want good compensation? I consider myself a jack of all trades and made 6 figures plus for the past five years.

          Become an expert "oracle collab suite 10g on RHEL4" first THEN

          1. Become an Oracle Technology stack expert on Linux, Windows, and Unix.
          --Install, Configure, Perf Tune, and Backup Database, Application Svr, and Dev Suite.
          2. Understand the formal lifecycle development. RUP or CMMI or both.
          3. Know how to model processes, functions, entities, and the rules of transformation into design and implementation. #2
          4. Study Open Source Architectures since many technologies are wrappers. Java, PHP, Eclipse or Net Beans, Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS, MySql or Oracle
          5. Scan then Read all documentation. Then start over. Stay in touch with Forums
          6. Take advantage of all demos. Install completely and use Forums for help.
          Lastly: Market yourself continuously at least once a week on Monster, Dice, other.
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            very nice blog by Andrew
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              Hi everybody,

              This morning I received an offer letter as a DBA from a car manufacturer here in Malaysia. They have quite a number of databases ranging from 8 till 9iR2 on Linux, HPUX & Win, plus Oracle Apps 11. Guess how happy I am :)

              I must consider myself very lucky. I have been very honest & indicated my interest to become a dba during the interviews. I did have some/little exp on Apps 11i, patching, OCS etc. Even confessed that I'm still far from being an Oracle xpert. Should I be given the chance, I will learn and contirbute positively. And this morning, I got the job already..

              From my intelligence, the position & salary package offered by them is not for a beginner but not for a full-fledged dba either!! I will start on the end of Feb, therefore I have about 2 months to get prepared. They have some expectation & I need to perform well & stay employed. Would appreciate some advice/tips on how to get started.

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                Hi all,

                Got the job already. Now what? Some guidance would help. Thanks
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                  Got the job already. Now what? Some guidance would help
                  You need to work as well to keep your job...

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                    As Tom Kite said: The only thing a DBA must never fail ist recovery.
                    Install a Testsystem, practise different catastrophic situations, become familar with your company backup and recovery strategies.

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                      Surachart Opun
                      For me

                      1 year JAVA programming on Oracle 8i + PHP + JSP and admin Linux, Solaris, HP/UX ,windows

                      + 2 years at internet service provider, programming php + oracle 9i and implement system on linux and open source (mail, dns, etc)
                      admin linux, solaris

                      +1 year ++ with admin 9i
                      and oracle 10G , rman, data guard, em, implement cluster RAC on linux and etc

                      However i read read more doc , books , test something with oracle about 4 years
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                        Learn Step by Step , How to become Oracle Apps DBA completely free at




                        Please pass on this to other budding DBA's & Expand Apps DBA community, all content is free only need your feedback & content so I can put it at single place .

                        Oracle Apps DBA
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                          Hope by now are Master atleast few of Oracle Techs. I like the way you wrote your things. I used to work with the Malaysia's leading database consulting company. I started my DBA career there and ofcourse the same person who interviewd you, gave me quite good oppurtunities and now I am established as a Production DBA. It was a nice starting expereince working with that company, but in longrun you cant get the much needed exposure of Full-time DBA.

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                            I think it is important to get your skills in place and then think about becoming an expert. Read the documentation specially the concepts guide, available on http://tahiti.oracle.com...Contribute to the discussion forums with whatever help you can offer and don't forget to visit http://asktom.oracle.com :-)

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