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    OHJ Error Message in 9i Forms Developer

      When I click on Help/Online-Help in my forms builder I get in the calling terminal..

      View passed to KeywordDataSource does not contain data in a TopicTree format
      oracle.help.common.xml.XmlParseException: IO Exception Thrown by tokenizer:Null
      at oracle.help.common.xml.XmlParser.<init>(Unknown Source)
      at oracle...

      My Help Index, Contents and Navigator work fine but when I double click on a topic
      the window pops up blank. The only ones that have info in them are the Error Message ones(and maybe some others havent checked them all). I tried to go to a oracle link to download the formshelpjars03.zip file as maybe I need updated jars but the link is broken.

      Anyone have these jars or know of this problem? Thanks.