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    SOLVED - Apex + Cocoon = Blank Page?

      I know there's a ton of threads on this, but I felt entitled to start my own. :)

      Followed the viewlet from here:

      The only exception here is that the version of tomcat that I downloaded was slightly newer.
      Compiled the war okay and deployed it.

      Everything is hunky dory. Cocoon page and tomcat pages come up fine and all examples work fine. This is regardless of whether I use, localhost or my actually real host name.

      I then enabled the print server and set the hostname (I've tried all three ways) port 8080 and the script /cocoon/fop_post.

      I then tried to print a report, but kept getting the blank page. The funny thing is...I checked every single log file I could fine and couldn't see where there were any errors...much less where the cocoon process was even running.

      Well lo and behold. While I was typing this up, I was referencing Carl's site again and then it hit me square between the eyes.

      Here is what I did wrong.

      The script should not be /cocoon/fop_post. No! It should be /cocoon/fop_post/. Darn trailing slashes.

      So maybe if you're having troubles getting a blank page with this setup, make sure you too check for the trailing slash. I must have looked at that thing a hundred times and said "yep..it's fine.". :)

      I don't know whether or not we'll use this or not in production (Not knowing a lot about it, I'm apprehensive about trying to make sure it's secure in addition to all the APEX and database stuff that needs to be locked down), but at least I know I can make it work. :)

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          Dimitri Gielis
          Thanks for sharing Chad. I'll include it into the weekly APEX Forum wrap-up.

          I sometimes see the same thing ;-) Oh that should be right!! And you check 50 times, finally you ask somebody else to have a look at it and in a second they see it!

          We at AE are using XP (Extreme Programming) methodology a lot. It works great for us, sometimes I can't even belief the amazing speed we develop.

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            The script should not be /cocoon/fop_post. No! It should be /cocoon/fop_post/. Darn trailing slashes.

            I just want you to know I never release code with bugs, only features , unfortunately you were hit by the trailing slash feature ;)

            I'm in the process of putting together another release of this code both to help with debugging issues and to make it a little more fault tolerant. I'll see what I can do to make it ignore trailing slashes so no one else gets hit by said feature ;)