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    Problems with report nodes

      when i post the reports,i get the posting message as success but the distribution node status says not posted?

      can someone help me?
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          Actually i get the error

          The XML file returned by the web server is invalid
          XML document object creation failed
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            I have done the following and the problem has been resolved

            It seems that your Default local node did not have the authentication option set. You have to set the Authentication option under Node definitions. Go to
            PeopleTools >> Integration Broker > >Node Definitions and set the
            Authentication Option from 'None' to 'Password'. After this restart the
            application server. Also recheck the report node URL and URI host name
            specified on the report node definition page. Apart from this also setup the
            single signon. Go to PeopleTools->Security-> Security Objects -> Single
            Signon and add an expiration time value and for the Message node name insert
            your default local node. After saving all this restart your app
            server, process scheduler and web server.