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I need wireless data collection tool that would let me make custom forms on my Blackberry or Motorola. It needs support drop down menus, check boxes, support GPS, maybe bar coding and photo capture. Does anyone know where I can get product like this for data collection?
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    I have been working in mortgage industry for about 9 years and we found a solution that does this. We use it for wireless bar code reading and GPS tracking for our real estate properties. The best part is we can customize the forms on-the-fly which saves us a lot of time. Westlake is the company that makes the product out of LA I think. There website is Their product is call They made a custom Extranet for us for our company to use but their main product site is We found this service set up to make it pretty easy for us to migrate the information to our back office. We use the technology and route it to different servers nationally; has worked perfectly for about three years. I am note sure if this will match your exact needs but it is what we have been using.

    Jeff Remington VP IT