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    Rights to Agendas

      We are using OCS 9.0.4.

      I don't want all users to see the agendas of all other people, only the few that they are working together with, so I have set default rights in user.ini on the calendar server like this:

      ViewNormalEvent = NO # YES, NO or TIME
      ViewPersonalEvent = NO # YES, NO or TIME
      ViewConfidentialEvent = NO # YES, NO or TIME
      CanBookMe = FALSE # TRUE or FALSE
      ViewNormalTask = NO # YES or NO
      ViewPersonalTask = NO # YES or NO
      ViewConfidentialTask = NO # YES or NO

      Then I can explicitly give rights to the ones I want.

      However, when users press the View Agendas icon in the Calendar in the Portal and search using the *-wildcard, they get a list of the names of all other users and can press "View" to open it. Now they see an empty calendar that in the top right says "Viewing Agenda of X" (X being the name of the other user you do not have rights to see.)

      This could lead people to believe that they actually see the other persons calendar, but that he has nothing in it.

      Can I do something to make shure that users only can list calendars that they actually has rights to?