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    Daily activities of a DBA

      Hi there, can any experieced oracle DBA please tell me what is your roles at work, I mean what exactly do you do in a daily basis? will there be list of work to be done on that particular day, or you just go there and start monitoring a system and act accorndingly? Is there any set of rules that you have to follow? I just want to know how do you start and finish your day at work?
      Thanks, regards Dennis
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          I think no matter whether you're an Applications DBA or Enterprise DBA you firstly need to completely understand the environment you support, how applications are configured and users access the database, SLA and OLAs that are in place, understand the OS that the database/s run on.

          Next, day to day and some of what you place more emphasis on might go back to what the SLAs are - backups and restores, did the backups work and are available for a restore that will also work? monitoring - what is being monitored and how it being reported, storage - database and server, capacity planning for future, monitor performance (SQL that is running) and how these can be improved. Show people/developers how to do things properly, performance gains or less resource usage. Try to find out what projects are coming up and any new requirements and how they could throw a spanner in the works.

          Last of all, don't stop learning new things. It's a constant learning and you need to know what's out there that can bring value to yourself and the business.

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            Well, this is a pretty broad question, and will vary greatly depending on your workplace, roles, responsibilities, etc....

            However, some examples of stuff I may be doing any given day, include:
            - performance tuning, instance level, SQL tuning, etc.
            - backup/recovery - set up new databases for backup, manage any required recovery, in the case of any database failure or corruption.
            - manage security. Deal with requests from users for various database permissions. Work with architects on security model implementations.
            - Participate in code reviews.
            - Participate in design reviews.
            - Keep on top of Oracle database versions, new Oracle products, suggest to management how and where they ought to fit into the corporate IT infrastructure.
            - actively participate in various Oracle mailing lists and forums, such as this one, Oracle-L, etc.
            - read, study, play with Oracle, learn, learn, learn....

            But, that's just me......

            Hope that helps,

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              Hi Dennis,
              what exactly do you do in a daily basis?
              As the primary manager and custodian of the data resource the Oracle DBA has many job duties. Many of the duties of the Oracle DBA have been clouded by the explosive growth in Oracle servers during the 1990's, when UNIX minicomputers caused IT shops to have hundreds of Oracle servers, each with their own instance, and copy of the Oracle software.

              Historically the senior Oracle DBA had total responsibility for the Oracle database and had the following job duties:

              - Install, patch and maintain all Oracle software
              - Tune all Oracle instance components including SQL and PL/SQL
              - Approve all production schema changes
              - Approve changes to database design
              - Control all migrations of Oracle schema objects
              - Design and implement a backup & recovery system
              - Implement Oracle failover technology

              I have my notes here:


              Hope this helps. . .

              Don Burleson
              Oracle Press author
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                Thanks all of you guys for your kind response, Its really been a great help... thanks again.
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                  DBA is terrible job, have to support 7X24, never been peace. don't do it!
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                    I'd like to add further to it, as a question,
                    Can there a part time DBA, as in, you are responsible for other things within the organization, but since the operations are not that huge, and the company won't have a full time DBA, on those regards what are the main daily/weekly/monthly tasks/reponsibilities of a part-time DBA.

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                      There can be a part time DBA that is responsible for backups/restores, managing storage, some monitoring, performing upgrades etc

                      Maybe for an environment where the database has been running stable for some time but still requires a DBA to perform duties occassioanlly, maintenance mode. I think for smaller companies it might be common for a developer or System administrator to perform some of these duties although it might be best to outsource them to a consultant who is more experienced in Oracle.
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                        I dnt knw if this info will help u,but i had the same prblm when i first as a dba.here r some thing which u must do

                        1)check if ur database and instance is up
                        2)check the litsener if it's all fine
                        3)check if the RMAN is working fine
                        4)then just go trough the space if it's enuf
                        automaticly u'll have things to do.

                        Good luck
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                          Just trying to be more specific,
                          Daily preventive maintenance/proactive monitoring tasks of a "Part Time DBA".

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                            I would say in this way.... the daily responsibilities would be differ w.r.t the number of years experience.

                            If you are having 2-3 yrs exp then only monitoring and checklists would be part of your job but if you are more experienced, Capacity planning, Auditing, DB designing and many more things would come into the picture.

                            You need to be confident and concepts should be more clear and strong where you are going to give any answers. Remember, More experience person does not necessary to have more knowledge and vece versa...

                            Hope, it makes sense...

                            Cheers / Star Nirav
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                              Good Morning,

                              Not to be funny but here is a job that you want to run from. What I do is take 90 days to evaluate the company just as the company evaluates me to determine if you are a good fit for them or not.

                              Arrive: Get coffee, turn on screen, check backups, stare at tv, check flashback area used, sip coffee, look at tv. Go for breakfast, wander around halls, come back and read oracle articles. Sip coffee. Read more oracle articles. check email.
                              Listen to your boss complain to you about program manager complaining you are reading too much. Go for lunch. This is what I am stuck in now. When the description of the position doesn't pan out to what it is in reality.

                              If you see a pattern like this on your job, run, don't walk to the next interview.

                              PRAY FOR JOB OFFER.


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                                Jeez, so many people spend all their lives waiting for a job which requires them to do so little actual work. How did you get so lucky?

                                Cheers, APC
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                                  Coffee, tv, breakfast, lunch, lunch... without a sport practice, this job is not good for the health at all. Hope you don't smoke either.

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                                    Hi Guys,

                                    You would think this is a plush job but it isn't. I didn't change careers from being a diesel mechanic to this just to sit around. I came into this career to make a difference and help improve some project. No I don't smoke but I am ready to fire up some of the people here in the office with their attitudes. Most of the people here are net working people that shows up and waits for something to happen. I don't want that attitude to get to me also. I made several recommendations to the lead dba to improve the performance of the database but to no avail. He said he will look into it, even after explaning what the changes would do. He said it is his database and he will do with it what he pleases. It was fun for 2 days here doing the above but it gets old real quick and you look for an out as soon as possible. I would much prefer being hired at a company that has alot of problems that need correcting. It would make me feel useful.

                                    Hopefully after today's visit I will snag something. This is a question I will ask them, if they presently got problems. Those that don't move to the bottom of my list.

                                    Nice hearing from you.


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