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    New to WebCache and need help

      I have a WebCache set up in front of my IIS servers. The IIS servers are loaded with our custom developed .net application and the back-end is an Oracle database. We use Active Directory to authenticate our clients access to IIS/application.

      Our problem is this:

      1) User goes to page and browser requests connect information (i.e., username/password).
      2) User enters credentials (correctly) and is passed to home page.
      3) Page loads partially, and is asked to re-enter credentials. Sometimes 3-4 times, sometimes, never.
      4) Page finishes loading.

      Is there something I'm missing in our set up?

      We go live with this application in a few days, and this really isn't acceptable...

      Please help... any ideas?
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          OK... got it fixed. The problem was that the IIS applications had their "Include" directories (which included files like graphics, javascript, css, etc) underneath the directory structure that required authentication. Once we removed the "NTLM Authentication" requirement on this directory, as well as allow anonymous, it worked fine...