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    Can't start WebCache after patch


      I installed a new OAS and applied patch on Windows XP SP2. After I restarted my PC I can't get WebCache to start. There is NO information on the WebCache~WebCache nor event_log file.
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          You might check your DCM... the patch fried mine.

          I have two instances in my WebCache cluster, so it fried the DCM on the repository, and with it not able to come up properly, the other instance won't finish with the patch since it needs to update the DCM...

          Still not up completely, but getting there...
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            Ok, got it fixed...

            In our case, we had to issue an "opmnctl stopall" on the "other" instances of the webcache cluster. Then, from the instance that has the DCM repository, had to issue "dcmctl start -admin"

            After that, I could run opmnctl startall on the other instance.

            Sounds like your problem might be fixed with something similar... hope it helps!