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    Help on javascript pop windows

      Hi All,
      My requirement is like this :

      I have Page1, Page2 and Page3.
      On loading Page1, i need to show Page2 as popup modal window...which i could do by saying...

      OABodyBean bodyBean = (OABodyBean) oapagecontext.getRootWebBean();
      String sCSIUrl = "OA.jsp?page=/oracle/apps/dscs/PolicyExceptionDisplay/webui/PolicyExceptionDisplaySummaryPG&retainAM=Y";
      //s1 = "/OA_HTML/cabo/jsps/frameRedirect.jsp?redirect=/OA_HTML/" + oapagecontext.getApplicationJSP() + "&page=/oracle/apps/dscs/…../ . <yourPagePG>&retainAM=Y&addBreadCrumb=S";
      OAUrl oaurl = new OAUrl(sCSIUrl, "N");
      String sCreateUrl = oaurl.createURL(oapagecontext.getRenderingContext());
      String sjavaScriptUrl = "javascript:lovw=openWindow(top, '" + sCreateUrl + "', 'lovWindow', {width:750, height:550},true, 'dialog');";

      in Process Request of the Page1.
      This is successfully giving me modal popup window Page2.

      Now, there are links in this Page2, clicking on which would take to details page....Page3.
      When a link is clicked ie in Process Form Request of Page2,
      pageContext.setForwardURL("Page3", (byte)0, "", hm, true, "Y", (byte)99);*/

      where "Action" is the Fireaction event for the link created on the Page2.

      The Page3 opens up (the page Page2 forwards to Page3- not one more new window)taking proper params, but the base page Page1 is getting enabled...ie Page3 is now not a modal window....

      I want even the Page3 also to be a modal window....

      Can any one throw their thoughts on this.....

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          You can open the second pop up window, using "_blank" as the target frame property. But you seriously need to redesign your UI, its never a good design to show user more than 1 pop up windows!

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            Additional popup windows in OAF is supported only for readonly pages and not for transaction pages. The popups you openup for transactions will hinder in page counters we maintain internally and you might end up in issues.
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              I am not trying to render the Page3 as another pop up window.....it will replace the pop up window Page2 by Page3 on top of Page1.
              When the Page3 comes up, Page1 is getting enabled...i.e loosing modal window property....

              Am not rendering the pop up windows for transactions....Page2 is summary page which have links and Page3 is detail page for the links of Page2......(both for the information display to the user)

              Tried options '_blank' 'self' 'new'......didnt work out......

              Any other ideas????