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    Add rules

      I tried to create rules by using the following steps mentioned below. When I send the event as in step 4, I get the event queued in inbound queue. Will it not automatically move to the pollution_q_table as mentioned in rule? Should we manually dequeue the event? If we need to manually dequeue the event, why in the first place we need to configure rule?

      1. execute dbms_aqadm.create_queue queue_name=>'message_q',queue_table=>'pollu
      2. execute dbms_aqadm.start_queue(queue_name=>'message_q');
      3. exec edg_utl.add_rule('MessageRule',':event.id like''epc:%''',null,null,'me
      4. SQL> edg_utl.sendToStage(1,1,'epc:12354','MySite','MyDevice','data',sysdate,'src

      Thanks in advance
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          When I add a event it is stored in sda_observations. There is no table called sdh_events. Is it a reason for the rules not getting executed and not forwarding to the queue/call back procedure?

          Does anyone else face this problem when adding rules?? In SES 10.1.3 installation will the sdh_events table be present. If so, which is the sql script that will help to create this table??

          Kindly someone answer this...........

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            How to manually create the schemas:

            Another sample for queue propagation: