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    Web Cache serving as Load Balancer for 2 Application Servers

      Hi all,

      I'm trying to setup Web Cache as a load balancer for two SOA Suite application servers (installed as a cluster), according to these instructions:


      Including applying the patch and changing the internal.xml.

      I've deleted all default Web Cache data (origin servers/sites and mappings) and added the two AS's as origin servers, created a site (designated 'default') with the same hostname as the Web Cache machine and created a mapping between that site and the two originating servers.

      If I use the url of the Web Cache machine, I get the default Web Cache welcome screen (where I expected to see the AS welcome screen of one of the origin servers), but if I add /em to that url, I indeed get the AS login screen, but as soon as I login, i get reditected the AS machine (the url is no longer the Web Cache url, but the AS url, so I'm basically bypassing the Web Cache).

      What am I doing wrong?

      Regards, Arjan
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          I've solved the redirecting by modifying the httpd.conf on both AS instances. The other problems seem to have disappeared by magic. I've tried different configurations and somehow the one I have now works, even though it appears the same as a previous one.

          There is a directive called UseCanonicalName which instructs Apache to use it's canonical name whenever it needs to construct a self referencing url. It defaults to 'On'. Changing this to 'Off' did the trick for me.

          Perhaps somebody finds this useful.