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      I all of a sudden started to receive the error: FRM-40202: Field must be entered followed by: FRM-40222: Disabled item 'item_name' failed validation.

      I modified my form but never touched the trigger for the "WHEN-VALIDATE-ITEM" of the "item_name" in question.

      Is there a different order of when triggers fire now?

      I have a WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE, then on the main datablock I have a WHEN-NEW-RECORD-INSTANCE and a WHEN-NEW-ITEM-INSTANCE. Yet there has been no change from the previous source controlled version and the current one.

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          Additional info:

          I'm on Forms [32 Bit] Version (Production)
          Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production
          With the Partitioning option
          JServer Release - Production
          Oracle Toolkit Version (Production)
          PL/SQL Version (Production)
          Oracle Procedure Builder V9. Build #1641 - Production
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            Check Required Property of that Item,
            If Required = YES, You need to make it to No, That will solve your problem
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              OH MY LORD!! THANK YOU!!

              That did it! :)
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                I have the same problem...
                The solution to set the "Required" property to "No" seems to work for some of you, but in my case the field already has this property set to No.
                Does someone now if there is another solution?


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                  Hi Sofie,

                  What version are you working on?

                  Could you give some more info of your form?

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                    Hello Erwin,

                    I'm working with Forms 6i, but I generate my form by using Designer (also 6i).

                    I've changed a field from a table used by the form, from number to varchar2. Therefore I changed the data type of this field in the form, but the item from the error message is not the field I've changed...
                    There are no problems while compiling, only when I run the form...
                    I didn't change anything else, except the data type of the changed field.

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                      So module designer user still exist ? ;-)

                      I just switched work and her e they are using it too... for now ;-) I'm in charge to get rid of it

                      But for you problem

                      So you did change the datatype as well on your table design as on the module design field. In both you have the requiered/mandatory parameter in the parameter list. These are set correct? both to no?

                      The item you get the error on is it mandatory , are those settings correct on both sides?

                      other possibility is to open your generated fmb in forms builder, take a look there and try to run it with the debugger on, ( I always do this because I don't know designer that well) normally you should be able to track where the mandatory is still active.

                      (I'm more a 9i / 10g forms guy ;-) )

                      Hope it helps

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                        I just started to learn forms and designer, so I'm also not the big specialist...
                        That's why there are forums for ;-)

                        I've checked the changes on the table field in Designer, in Forms builder and also in the table itself and the properties are ok.

                        The item in error is not mandatory and the settings are ok as well...

                        I also can't find anything wrong using the debugger :-(

                        I'm starting to become nervous now :-)

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                          Are you sure that the column in the RDBMS is also not mandatory?

                          Because you generated your form again but did you make the changes also on the schema where your tables actually are?

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                            I found it!

                            In my WHEN-NEW-FORM-INSTANCE trigger was a line to put the visible property of that item to false... But when I have a look at the item properties, visible is put to 'Yes'.
                            I have that line in comment now, and it's working!

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                              That was difficult for us to find out ;-)
                              I'm glad you found it

                              Where are you working in Belgium if I may ask?
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                                I work as a consultant for Cronos (Kontich)

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                                  That I know well ;-)

                                  give my regards to Pieter Gillis and Karen van Hellemont (iAdvise)
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                                    I am experiencing this scenario now. But if you don't mind I would like to know if how does it works for the Required Properties? Just for my knowledge and Understanding.


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