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    List of APIs and open interface R12


      Where can I find the list of Open Interfaces and API in the R12 ? Even better, the differences between 11i and 12 ?

      Thanks in advance
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          I don't know if there's a comprehensive list, but you can find documentation on APIs and interfaces on a per-product-family basis in the online documentation library: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B40089_05/current/html/docset.html

          As far as differences between 11i and 12, unless the differences are explicitly mentioned in the R12 docs (I have not seen this so far, but I'm not a developer), I think you may need to rely upon the oldest, harshest teacher: experience. :-) Either that, or diff'ing the PL/SQL code on 11i and R12 instances, but that might be even more ugly...


          John P.
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            Refer iRep
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              irep has documentation related to 11i.

              I couldn't find any documentation related to API's in R12.
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                Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
                Oracle Integration Repository, an integral part of Oracle E-Business Suite, is a compilation of information about the numerous interface endpoints exposed by Oracle applications. It provides a complete catalog of Oracle E-Business Suite's business interfaces, and a comprehensive view of the interface mechanisms available.

                Note: 462586.1 - Where are the Oracle® Release 12 (R12) API Reference Guide?

                Note: 458225.1 - Release 12 Integration Repository

                Note: 396116.1 - Oracle Integration Repository Documentation Resources Release 12
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                  Thanks Hussein for the links on Oracle integration repository.

                  I was able to find API's related to HRMS in the oracle integration repository in R12.

                  However, i wasn't able to find list of API's for payables.

                  I want the API's related to creating vendor banks. I think that if we use IBY_DISBURSEMENT_SETUP_PUB we can create vendor banks.

                  I just wanted more material on that. Please let me know if you find any of the API s in the R12 docs for payables.
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                    if you have got the api's for ap, upload of vendors, banks etc.. in R12, kindly provide details..........Thanks.
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                      Hussein Sawwan-Oracle
                      You can run the following script and get all the packages related to API in Oracle applications, from which you can select APIs that pertain to AP.
                      SQL> select substr(a.OWNER,1,20)
                      , substr(a.NAME,1,30)
                      , substr(a.TYPE,1,20) 
                      , substr(u.status,1,10) Stat
                      , u.last_ddl_time
                      , substr(text,1,80) Description 
                      from dba_source a, dba_objects u 
                      WHERE 2=2 
                      and u.object_name = a.name 
                      and a.text like '%Header%' 
                      and a.type = u.object_type 
                      and a.name like 'AP_%API%' 
                      order by 
                      a.owner, a.name;