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    How to delete empty element in popup list

      I have a question about a suspicious behaviour in Forms Builder

      When I have a list object (pop up list) I can define some values in the attribute palette of the object.
      So you can set a shown name and a value behind. In this little window to set the items of the popup list you get automatically a white empty item at the end of the list. When I click now on this empty item (you do so, when you want to add an item) Forms Builder automatically adds an new empty item at the end.
      When I click this new empty item, Forms Builder adss another empty one ... and so on.
      It´s very suspicious because, when I end this dialog with "OK", it will be saved and when I open the form (over web) I have at the end of the list one, two (or more) empty elements in list.
      But I can´t delete this empty ones from the list in Forms Builder.

      So my question:
      how can I delete empty items in a popup list??

      I try it with hit "del" button at keyboard or delete the set value for the item (I hope Forms Builder delete items without value). But all does not help.