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    Vanishing records in deferred-write database

      Upon upgrading to 3.2.43, one of our project's unit tests revealed an issue with records disappearing 'spontaneously' from a deferred-write database (a few seconds after a reinsertion at a previous key value). I was able to boil it down to a small test case:
      import java.io.File;
      import org.archive.util.FileUtils;
      import com.sleepycat.je.Database;
      import com.sleepycat.je.DatabaseConfig;
      import com.sleepycat.je.DatabaseEntry;
      import com.sleepycat.je.DatabaseException;
      import com.sleepycat.je.Environment;
      import com.sleepycat.je.EnvironmentConfig;
      public class DisappearingDeferredWriteRecord {
          public static void main(String[] args) throws DatabaseException, InterruptedException {
              EnvironmentConfig envConfig = new EnvironmentConfig();
              File envDir = new File(DisappearingDeferredWriteRecord.class.getSimpleName());
              if (envDir.exists()) {
              Environment env = new Environment(envDir, envConfig);
              DatabaseConfig dbConfig = new DatabaseConfig();
              dbConfig.setDeferredWrite(true); // <-NECESSARY
              Database db = env.openDatabase(null, "db", dbConfig);
              DatabaseEntry empty = new DatabaseEntry(new byte[0]);
              db.put(null,new DatabaseEntry("0".getBytes()),empty);
              System.out.println("expect 1: "+db.count());
              db.delete(null, new DatabaseEntry("0".getBytes()));
              System.out.println("expect 0: "+db.count());
              db.put(null,new DatabaseEntry("1".getBytes()),empty);
              System.out.println("expect 1: "+db.count());
              db.put(null,new DatabaseEntry("0".getBytes()),empty);
              System.out.println("expect 2: "+db.count());
              // db.sync(); // does help, if done here
              Thread.sleep(5000); // <-WAIT MUST BE ~ 5 SECONDS OR MORE
              System.out.println("expect 2: "+db.count()); // "1" !!
              db.sync(); // doesn't help, here
              System.out.println("expect 2: "+db.count()); // "1" !!
      As you'll see, about 5 seconds after a record is put back at a previously-deleted key, it disappears -- as if some delayed background cleanup from the previous delete has affected the new insert.

      It only happens with deferred-write enabled, and does not happen in 3.2.23.

      - Gordon @ IA
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          Hi Gordon,

          Thanks for reporting this. I just did a quick run and didn't see the error. We will investigate and report back soon.

          My results:

          expect 0: 0
          expect 1: 1
          expect 2: 2
          expect 2: 2
          expect 2: 2
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            It does fail for me, and I suspect it's timing dependent and the result of concurrent daemon thread activity. Just letting you know that we reproduced it. I'll post more status later today.

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              I did trim the delay to the barest minimum, 5000ms, that reliably reproduced here. (Even 4900ms was iffy.) So if not seeing it on a specific machine, I'd first try upping that. Perhaps execution timings or thread scheduling is a big factor. (Our initial test failure was using a 32-bit 1.5 JVM on an athlon64; this minimal test case has been triggering the error on a 1.6 JVM core duo for me.)

              - Gordon @ IA
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                I have a status update on this problem. We have a fix, a new test case, and we are running stress tests now. We expect to be able to publish a release with this fix during the first part of next week.

                Gordon, if you want to try the fix earlier, please send me email. Thanks again for narrowing the problem down and giving us a reproducible case -- that helped a lot.

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                  Would be happy to test sooner if you'd like but our need is not urgent -- we can stay with 3.2.23 for now. Thanks for the quick response.

                  - Gordon
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                    Hi Gordon,

                    This bug has been fixed in JE 3.2.44:

                    DB Java Edition 3.2.44 is now available

                    Thanks again for reporting it and for the reproducible test case.